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Thank you for your interest in Ancestral Herbiary. I am very excited to be in St. Louis and looking forward to working closely with you to improve your health. If you have never been to see an herbalist before, it is important to understand how an herbalist practice is both different and like conventional medical practices. While we focus on healing the “whole person” wellness and emphasize prevention and self-care. We seek to heal the underlying causes of health problems and not just the symptoms. For example, a person may have a variety of symptoms which could be assessed individually, or which may be related to a common cause that needs to be addressed. This holistic approach leads not sheds light of current health concerns, but also to the prevention of future health issues, leading to a better quality of life along the way. In my practice, I combine herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, homeopathy, my study as an Iyanifa, and Onisegun, along with other tools to help you manage your overall health. Every plan is individualized to address your specific goals. I utilize a variety of diagnostic techniques, beginning with a comprehensive patient history and interview. I also incorporate general physical and symptom-specific examinations. I work with your PCP, OBGYN, or Therapist, if you allow, to find the best treatment possible. I make appropriate referrals to conventional medical doctors when it is indicated, and work to help my clients minimize or avoid medications where possible. Finally, I believe that herbalism, while naturally based, has a science all on its own. It is about finding the right balance in a world seemingly out of balance. It is my goal to help you find a healthful balance in your life. While I strive to assist everyone, one of my main goals is to reintroduce herbalism and healing with herbs back into the Black Community. *Please ask about our sliding scale* Yours in Health, Ifayomi
Ifayomi Fasola
Iyanifa . Herbalist . Onisegun

...What we Offer...

  • Generational Trauma
  • Divination
  • Herbalism
  • Holistic Healing
  • TransNatural Health
  • Indigenous Herbal Remedies
  • General Holistic Herbalism
  • Homeopathy
  • Stone Medicine
  • Plant Medicine


  • Divination
  • Generational Healing
  • Ancestral Veneration
  • Indigenous Herbal Remedies
  • Herbal Intake/consultations
  • ------------------------------------
  • Products We Offer (must be a client):
  • Custom Herbal Oil - $33
  • Custom Herbal Tincture - $33
  • Custom Herbal Bath - $33
  • Custom Herbal Tea (Infusion/Diffusion) - $33
  • Custom Herbal Remedies - $33
  • Breaking Soap - $33
  • Cleansing Soap - $33
  • Ori/Head Cleansing Soap - $33

Insurance Accepted

  • Credit/Debit (self-pay)
  • Will Accept Insurance at a Later Date
  • Sliding Scale for Herbalist Services
  • (Application and Divination
  • required for SS approval)


  • Initial Client Intake: $120
  • Basic Herbal Consultations: $35
  • Herbal Consultation - Business: $360
  • Follow up Consultation: $75
  • 30 minute checkin : $50
  • Generational Healing - (variations): $100 - $175
  • Ancestral Venerations & Libations: $175
  • Bone Reading - General: $132
  • Bone Reading - Health: $132
  • Cowrie Divination (4 shells): $95
  • Card Divination: $95
  • Rootwork - Stone Medicine: $155
  • Rootwork - Prayer Cloths: $155
  • Rootwork - Knot Amulets: $155
  • Rootwork - Indigenous Herbal Remedies: $155

“The overview 2021 reading that I NEEDED to hear from Iya Ifayomi was everything. Thank you so much for confirming and holding space for me this morning. Also affirming my anxiety and that it isn’t something I’m making up. ”

Existing Client - D

“Had a year in advance reading with Iya Ifayomi today and it was such a beautiful experience. For starters, her voice is like a warm hug. It felt like I was talking with a friend. She created such a safe space to truly be open and vulnerable.”

Existing Client - T

“I recently had a year in advance reading from her, & it has changed my life already in the best way. Thanks to her amazing & easygoing communication, my anxiety began to dissipate because she helped me feel so comfortable. I felt like I could take on anything,”

Existing Client - A
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